TabletWorks Release Notes

Release 10.04.0002 October 2006


  1. General Information
  2. Installation Information
  3. Release Notes

General Information


The GTCO CalComp TabletWorks driver is designed to provide a simple way for software developers to communicate with GTCO CalComp digitizers.  


Version 10 is a major change to previous GTCO CalComp TabletWorks drivers, and includes an all-new Wintab implementation, as well as the alternate TabletWorks ActiveX control.  Both APIs are available after installation.

Supported Devices

  • AccuTab II, AccuTab III, AccuTab VI
  • CADPro
  • DrawingBoard III, DrawingBoard IV, DrawingBoard V, DrawingBoard VI
  • Roll-Up II, Roll-Up III
  • Summagrid VI, Summagrid VII
  • SummaSketch III
  • Super L III, Super L IV, Super L VI
  • Older CalComp, GTCO, GTCO CalComp, and SummaGraphics tablets not in this list should work, but have not been tested.
Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT 4.0, SP6 or greater (serial only)
  • Windows 98 SE
  • Windows Me
  • Citrix and Terminal Services (Server)
    • Windows 2000 Server
    • Windows 2003 Server
  • Citrix and Terminal Services (Client)
    • Windows 2003
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2000
    • Windows NT 4.0, SP6 or greater (serial only)

Known Issues

  • The current Wintab implementation supports only Wintab 1.0 calls.  For most applications, this is sufficient.  If your application requires Wintab 1.1 compatibility, please contact us.
  • When a single device is set to be used with both Wintab and TabCon applications, and Wintab Citrix support is enabled, the TabCon-compliant application will not be able to open the device.


Installation Information

Installing the TabletWorks Software

  1. Uninstall (described below) any previous Wintab (TabletWorks) or Tablet Interface drivers before installing this release.
  2. Using the TabletWorks CD, run the Setup.exe file to begin the installation process.

Installing the USB Tablet Adapter

The USB Tablet Adapter drivers are not installed during this installation process. They are simply copied to the installation directory, in the USB Tablet Adapter Driver subdirectory.  By default, this is C:\Program Files\GTCO CalComp\TabletWorks\Driver.  To manually install the drivers:


  1. Install the TabletWorks Software.
  2. Turn off your digitizer.
  3. Attach your digitizer to the USB Tablet Adapter.
  4. Turn on your digitizer.
  5. Insert the USB Tablet Adapter into a USB port on your computer.
  6. The Found New Hardware wizard should pop up. 
  7. Tell the wizard to search for the drivers in a specific location, and browse to the Driver subdirectory of the Installation directory.
  8. The driver is unsigned. On some versions of Windows, you will need to respond with Yes or Continue Anyway when you are warned that the software has not passed Windows Logo testing.
  9. On some versions of Windows, the Found New Hardware wizard will pop up a second time.  Use the same subdirectory as above.
Uninstalling the TabletWorks Software
  1. Open the Windows Control Panel (Start->Settings->Control Panel).
  2. Open Add/Remove Programs.
  3. Select TabletWorks from the list of installed programs.
  4. Click the Remove button.
  5. Click the Yes button to confirm that you want to remove the TabletWorks software.
  6. Select Yes/No to remove all user data including button assignments and mapping.


TabletWorks Release Notes

This section lists corrections and enhancements made to the TabletWorks Software.

Release 10.04.0002 October 2006


  • Added support for the AccuTab VI, DrawingBoard VI, and Super L VI.


  • Fixed a problem on Windows Vista with the Microsoft WISPTIS.exe driver.  Windows XP systems will require a Microsoft Hot Fix (KB923966) available soon.

Release 10.03.0004 May 2006


  • The Mapped Area will be active as soon as it is selected using the tablet.
  • Added the option to Import and Export button assignments for each cursor type.


  • Fixed a spiking problem that occurred when the cursor was taken out of prox and brought back in while a button was pressed.
  • Fixed the problem where the Mapped Area not being drawn when its coordinates were entered manually.
  • Fixed the problem where button assignments were being lost when a different tab was selected.
  • Reduced the frequency of the occurrence of the WTInfo() call failing.

Release 10.02.0003 November 2005


  • Added Digikon and DigiCAD support. (5-btn cursor doesn't display correctly in Control Panel, Wintab will report the 5-Btn cursor as a 4-Btn.)


  • Fixed a problem with button commands not working in AutoCAD.
  • Reduced the occurrence of a problem with Wintab reporting the incorrect "Active Cursor."  This problem can't be completely solved because of Hardware Limitation/Features.  Wintab-compliant applications relying on the reported "Active Cursor" should request the Cursor ID be sent with each Wintab packet to verify the initial "Active Cursor" with the Cursor being reported in the Wintab Packet.
  • Fixed problem with Preferences dialog not being displayed for Citrix and Terminal Services in Windows NT.
  • Fixed Wintab application delay when no device is connected.

Release 10.01.0019 June 2005


    • Added WebUpdate, Release Notes, and TWCTS.exe to the TabletWorks Citrix and Terminal Services installation. TWCTS.exe is a dialog application that allows administrators to change the TCP Port used by TabletWorks in a Citrix or Terminal Services environment.
    • Added support for Windows 98 & Me operating systems.
    • Added support for Citrix and Terminal Services running on Windows 2000 & 2003 Server and Clients running on Windows NT 4.0, SP6 or greater, 2000, or XP operating systems.
    • TabletWorks can now detect when a serial device has been disconnected and update its tablet list in the Control Panel.
    • Wintab now supports Transparent Contexts.
    • Added Enable Mapping option for each cursor.


    • Changed TabCon Help string to GTCO CalComp TabletWorks ActiveX Control.
    • Fixed button reporting problem with 4-Btn cursors on older Summa UIOF Tablets.
    • Fixed Wintab so it reports only three buttons on a Stylus.
    • Fixed problem with TabletWorks where it was not cleaning up after client applications that crashed.
    • Fixed Copy Error Problems.  We no longer copy files.
    • Buttons are now correctly handled in the situation where a user application wants all button events and doesn't want the Control Panel to generate any macros.
    • Fixed problem where a crash occurred when the Page-Down button was pressed while assigning a macro.

Release 10.00.0018 March, 2005

         Initial Release