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New PicoScope 2000 Series oscilloscopes deliver

functionality of six instruments in an ultra-portable package.

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PicoScope 2200B Series
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PicoScope two-channel, four-channel and mixed-signal models have the functionality of an oscilloscope plus a logic analyzer (on MSO models), spectrum analyzer, function generator, arbitrary waveform generator, and serial bus analyzer with support for 15 protocols* included as standard.

They are USB-powered and come in an ultra-portable package that can be easily transported in a laptop bag.

PicoScope 2000A 2- and 4-channel models are ideal for technicians, trainers, students, and hobbyists doing fault-finding on signals up to 25 MHz. The 2205A MSO (mixed-signal oscilloscope) has 2 analog plus 16 digital channels for viewing and making measurements on digital or mixed technology designs.
PicoScope 2000B Series models are equipped with deep buffer memory from 32 to 128 M samples, and bandwidths of 50, 70 or 100 MHz supported with sampling speeds to 1 GS/s, and hardware acceleration to deliver over 80,000 waveforms per second update rates. Like the “A” models they are available in 2- and 4-channel models, plus 2 16 channel MSO versions. The “B” series models are packaged in the same size ultra-portable enclosure as the “A” Series, making them ideal for use in the lab or on the move, or for fast low-cost shipment to wherever they are needed.

The 2000 Series models connect to a host PC or tablet, and are powered via the USB interface. They are controlled and operated with PicoScope 6 software that takes advantage of available PC processing power, display, touchscreen and traditional control capabilities. Advanced features such as segmented memory, mask limit testing, advanced waveform math and decoders for popular serial buses are included as standard.

“Many of our customers are users of traditional benchtop oscilloscopes who tell us it was cheaper to buy a new PicoScope than to enable just an option, such as serial decoding, on their old oscilloscope.” said Trevor Smith, Business Development Manager for Test & Measurement products at Pico. “They buy a PicoScope for one specific task but it quickly becomes their main oscilloscope and the benchtop one gathers dust!” “With the 2000A and B Series we’ve delivered an all-inclusive instrument with capabilities normally found in high-end benchtop instruments, yet they fit in the palm of your hand.  Engineers and consultants can have a 2000 Series PicoScope as their personal waveform laboratory and take it with them anywhere that it’s needed.”

PicoScope 6 software, included with the 2000 Series scopes, has been updated too, with support for touchscreen PCs and tablets, and color-keyed serial bus decoding that highlights individual field types in a message frame with different colors for easy interpretation. New releases of the software, that further enhance performance and functionality of PicoScope products, are posted regularly on picotech.com and are available to download free of charge for the lifetime of the product. In addition to Windows, there are Linux and Mac OS X versions of the software.

The PicoScope Software Development Kit (SDK) enables engineers to write custom applications for the 2000 Series, making them ideal for a wide range of OEM applications such as power system and machine health monitoring, high-energy physics, and medical electronics applications.

The new PicoScope 2000A and 2000B Series models are available from 25th April 2016 with prices ranging from $129 to $1235 USD.

* Serial protocol decoders included:

  • 1-Wire
  • ARINC 429
  • CAN
  • DCC
  • DMX512
  • Ethernet 10Base-T
  • FlexRay
  • I2C
  • I2S
  • LIN
  • PS/2
  • UART (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485)
  • SPI
  • USB 1.1

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About Pico Technology
Pico Technology has spent over 20 years leading the industry in the design, development and manufacture of high-performance PC Oscilloscopes and Data Loggers, while engineers at our Eastern Europe office have been working in the RF and microwave market since 1974.
Together we have built up an impressive and innovative portfolio of small-footprint, high-performance products and software, often at uniquely low prices. Examples are the PicoScope PC Sampling Oscilloscope range with bandwidths up to 20 GHz; real-time oscilloscopes with fixed and flexible hardware resolutions up to 16 bits, deep buffer memories and mixed-signal capability; the TC-08 and PT‑104 Temperature Data Loggers; and the multi-award-winning Automotive Oscilloscope Kit.

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