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Pico 4 Channel Advanced Kit

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4ch advanced kit - PP925

Our 4–Channel Advanced Kit is the ultimate in vehicle diagnostics.

The 4–Channel Advanced Kit builds on the 4–Channel Standard Kit by also including our most popular optional accessories such as universal break–out leads, fuse extension leads and COP ignition pickup. When not in use, the scope and all accessories can be stored in the durable case.

PicoScope 4425 1
Channels 4
Accuracy ±1%
Memory 250 M samples
Maximum sampling rate 400 MS/s
60A DC current clamp with BNC connector 1
200 A/2000 A  AC/DC current clamp 1
Premium test leads 4
2–pin break–out lead 1
6–way universal breakout lead, micro 1
6–way universal breakout lead, small 1
6–way universal breakout lead, medium 1
6–way universal breakout lead, large 1
Secondary ignition pickup 4
Fuse extension leads 1
Spark plug extension lead 4
COP and signal probe 1
60 MHz oscilloscope probe x1/x10 1
10:1 attenuator 2
Flexible back pinning probe (red) 4
Flexible bac kpinning probe (black) 4
Backpinning probe set 1
Multimeter test probe (black) 2
Multimeter test probe (red) 2
Small crocodile/gator clip (black) 2
Small crocodile/gator clip (red) 2
Large dolphin/gator clip (black) 1
Large dolphin/gator clip (red) 1
Battery Clip (Red) 2
Battery Clip (black) 2
S–hook 2
Automotive software CD-ROM 1
Training resources DVD 1
Automotive Quick Start Guide 1
USB 3.0 cable 1.8m 1
Current clamp: 30A 1
Electronics Acupunture Probes 1
4mm shrouded to unshrouded adaptor (black) 2
4mm shrouded to unshrouded adaptor (red) 4
Lead: BNC to BNC with earth clamp 1
Carry case 1

 Kit Comparison Matrix

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Advanced Kit Online (PP925):

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Advanced Kit with foam tray - Online (PQ035): 

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