• Pico Launches new FLEXIBLE Resolution Oscilloscope
  • ACCES I/O - Large Range of USB I/O, PCIe and PC104 Products
  • MSR Loggers for Tri-Axial Acceleration Logging and more
  • Gemini Loggers for Temp, Humidity, Acceleration, Voltage etc........
  • Complete Line of GTCO Digitizers and accessories
  • Tinytag Loggers for Temp., Humidity, Voltage, Current and Shock
  • MSR Release new 900mAh battery for their loggers.
  • New Pico 4 Channel 3000 Series USB Scope
  • Pico releases new large memory MSO (Mixed Signal Oscilloscope) 2013
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Pico Scopes

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Picoscope 9000

9201,PP472, sampling oscilloscope, 9000 series. If you need to measure high-speed electrical signals, the dual-channel 12 GHz PicoScope 9000 sampling oscilloscopes delivers the ultimate price/performance.

Picoscope 6000
Picoscope 6000 - Ultimate Performance USB Oscilloscope
N/A*NEW* PicoScope 5000D
PicoScope 5000D Series
  • FlexRes 8 to 16-bit hardware resolution
  • Up to 200 MHz analog bandwidth
  • 1 GS/s sampling at 8-bit resolution
  • 62.5 MS/s sampling at 16-bit resolution
  • Up to 512 MS capture memory
  • 16 digital channels on MSO models
  • 130 000 waveforms per second
  • Built-in arbitrary waveform generator
  • 18 serial decoding protocols as standard
  • Up to 200 MHz spectrum analyzer
N/APicoscope 5000
N/APicoscope 5000 Flex Res
N/APicoscope 4000
Picoscope 3000

PP956, PP931, PP932, PP933, PP957, PP934, PP935, PP936, 3203D MSO, 3204D MSO, 3205D MSO, 3206D MSO, 3403D MSO, 3404D MSO, 3405D MSO, 3406D MSO 

PicoScope 2200A

2204A, 2204B, 2205A, 2205B, 2206A, 2206B, 2207A, 2208A

PicoScope 2200B - NEW
New Release PicoScope 2200 B Series
Picoscope 2205 MSO
2205 mso, mixed signal scope with logic analysis, arbitrary waveform generator, signal generator, pp823, pp798
Picoscope 2100
Pico Portable Handheld Single Channel Oscilloscope 2104 2105 pen scope
N/APicoscope Educational
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download area for picoscope latest version software - interworld - pico technology
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pico price list, pico pricing, pico price

   Technical tips      

Tips and tricks for using Pico Scope, Pico Log and Environmon, pico faq, tips and tricks picoscope

   PicoScope 6 Demo      
PicoScope Video Demo - Short Video Showing Features
Active Probes

Active differential probes, TA057 TA041 TA058 TA042 TA043 TA044 TA045 TA046, MI053

Passive Probes
passive oscilloscope probes
High Freq. Passive Probes
picoconnect, passive, oscilloscope, probes,RF, Microwave
N/AWhite Paper - Active Differential Probes

choosing active probes, white paper differential probes, use of active probes, using active differential probes

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picoscope download picolog download

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picoscope download picolog download

PicoScope 6 Demo
PicoScope Video Demo - Short Video Showing Features
Linux Drivers
Linux Drivers
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press release and newsletters
   ADC-40/42 & ADC-100      

Pico High Resolution ADC-40, ADC-42 and ADC-100 Data Loggers

   Palm to ADC-16      
information dealing with the Pico Systems ADC-40, ADC-42 and ADC-100 interface to palm pilot
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technical library, pico brochures, pico data sheets

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List of Discontinued and Obsolete Products by Pico



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