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Pico Automotive

   Scope Kit Changes - Sep 2014      

new pico automotive scopes, new pico automotive oscilloscope, 4225, 4425

   Pico Auto Testing Instruments      

automotive PC based test & measurement

   Automotive Scope Guide      

pico automotive oscilloscope guide injector tutorial air mass meter lambda sensor

   Automotive Kit - 2 Channel      
Starter Kit
picoscope automotive 2 channel starter kit, 4225 starter kit, 2 channel starter kit, replaces PP900
Standard Kit
Pico Automotive PP922 standard automotive kit
   Automotive Kit - 4 Channel      
Starter Kit

pp921, 4425 starter kit, 4 channel automotive starter kit, 4 channel kit

Standard Kit

TA155 usb cable, 4425 scope, 4425 oscilloscope

Diesel Kit
4 Channel pp924 - 4425 pico automotive diesel kit
Advanced Kit
pp925, pico 4 channel advanced kit with 4425 scope
   Automotive Tutorials      
Pico Automotive Tutorials on how to fully utilize the Pico Automotive Oscilloscope
   Motorcycle Diagnostics      

motorcycle diagnostics, pico motorcycle scope

   Kit Selection Options      
which picoscope automotive kit do you need
   Advanced Automotive Kit      
pp925, pico 4 channel advanced kit with 4425 scope
   WPS Pressure Transducer      

wps500x, automotive pressure transducer, wps500x, auto pressure transducer, pico pressure transducer, wps, pressure transducer,


pp833, PP833, WPS600, high pressure transducer, 

   Price US and CDN      

pico price list, pico pricing, pico price



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